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Helix Premium Flue Liner

Engineered utilising the most advanced profile on the market today, Helix represents the next evolutionary gene in stainless steel, twin-walled flexible flue liners approved for use with all solid fuels, gas and oil.

Designed to surpass the optimum performance standards for a Flexible Flue Liner, Helix has been rigorously tested by Britain's leading test house to the following parameters:

  • Precision engineered Omega seam - Warranty covers installation in either direction
  • P1 Pressure tested (200 pascals) - Highest rated air tightness for flue liner in the UK
  • Tested to be installed up to 20 metres - Maximum rating for strength in the UK
  • Tested to hold nearly 100kg (and still passes a P1 pressure test) - It won't unravel on installation!
  • Flexibility tested up to 3 times it's diameter - Demonstrates extreme flexibility and durability
  • Tested for both wet and dry applications
  • Thermal tested to T600 - Highest temperature rating for flue liner
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Download the Helix Premium Flue Liner Brochure

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The Omega Seam

Flexibility in a flue liner is integral to performance but can only be as strong as the durability engineered into every seam. Only by looking closer will you reveal the building blocks of Helix Premium Flue Liner found in every fold; The Omega seam...

We are so confident in the precision quality of the Omega seam and the unrivalled smoothness of the inner skin, that our Helix Lifetime Warranty covers installation in either direction.

Helix designation:

  • Helix 316L T600-P1-D-Vm-L50010-G(xx)
  • Helix 904L T600-P1-D-Vm-L70010-G(xx)

For gas and condensing applications (wet systems):

  • Helix 316L T600-P1-W-Vm-L50010-G(xx)
  • Helix 904L T600-P1-W-Vm-L70010-G(xx)

Steel thickness tolerance +/- 0.005mm


Due to its precise construction, Helix Premium Flue Liner is guaranteed against manufacturing faults for the entire life of the appliance only if installed by an approved installer and used in conjunction with approved fuels. Terms & Conditions apply.

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Helix Installation Components

Available from official Helix suppliers

  • ScrewFit Short-Tail Adapter
  • ScrewFit Long-Tail Adapter
  • Hanging Cowl with Bird Guard
  • Securing Plate
  • Fixing Clamp
  • Insert Rain Cowl
  • Chimney Closure Plate

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