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Woolly Mammoth Stoves

Introducing the new generation of British designed hybrid stoves, four elegant stoves offering a choice of heat outputs and style. The Woolly Mammoth collection brings the comforting glow of a real fire into your home in a modern, controllable and highly efficient way. A true evolution of fire.

  • British design
  • Elegant, timeless design
  • Clean burning and highly controllable
  • 5 year Mammoth Warranty

Our new range will be unveiled at the Hearth and Home Exhibition 12th-14th June 2016 in Harrogate.

Woolly Mammoth 5

The Woolly Mammoth 5 is the perfect cosy stove for small to medium rooms, offering an ample 5kw of nominal heat and great controllability. By evolving the design of a traditional cast iron stove and introducing a contemporary steel body, the Woolly Mammoth 5 will reach optimum temperature swiftly whilst still offering true multi-fuel burning capabilities. With an exceptionally large viewing glass window to the burning chamber dominating the front aspect you no longer have to compromise the view of your fire when choosing a smaller stove and yet its intelligent design provides a focal point for any living space. 

Adjustable primary and secondary air intakes work harmoniously with a pre-adjusted tertiary air supply to produce incredibly clean and efficient combustion of all solid fuels to minimise unnecessary refuelling and running costs.

Material: Steel Body, Cast Door
Height: 450mm
Width: 370mm
Depth: 440mm
Fuel: Multi-fuel

Woolly Mammoth 7

The sleek Woolly Mammoth 7 epitomises the design ethic behind the Woolly Mammoth brand; Smooth lines and stylish features complimented by an expansive viewing glass window.  This hard working stove delivers its exceptional heat output quickly thanks to a modern steel body and will effortlessly cope with the most demanding environments associated with larger living spaces. By matching the power of this multi-fuel stove with exceptional controllability, rest assured you will not be over-powered when the fire is lit.

As with all stoves in the Woolly Mammoth collection, this model is fitted with adjustable primary and secondary air intakes working alongside the latest tertiary air, clean burning technology to guarantee efficient burning and low fuel costs when using any solid fuels.

Material: Steel Body, Cast Door
Height: 550mm
Width: 590mm
Depth: 410mm
Fuel: Multi-fuel

Woolly Mammoth 6

For those seeking an elegant contemporary centre piece for their modern home, the beautiful Woolly Mammoth 6 freestanding stove is ideal.  A truly top-end wood burner with incredible attention to detail, this cylindrical steel bodied stove has been designed to satisfy the most discerning customer seeking that blend of style, function and clean burning efficiency.  The clever design even integrates a practical log store at the base of the unit.

The burning technology in the Woolly Mammoth 6 is tuned to the highest degree to minimise dust particles and carbon monoxide content in the waste gasses, ensuring it uses fuel extremely efficiently to cut down on the costs of unnecessary refuelling.

Material: Steel
Height: 1048mm
Width: 518mm
Depth: 500mm
Fuel: Wood

Woolly Mammoth 7XL

The sleek Woolly Mammoth 7 XL is a stunning example of elegant design on a grand scale.  Tall and slender with a panoramic viewing glass window, this steel bodied wood burner affords excellent views of the glowing fire within from all angles and the advanced burning technology synonymous with the Woolly Mammoth collection ensures an efficient burn every time and crystal clear glass.

Stunning design and attention to detail, this stove offers practicality, the latest in stove design, impressively low emissions and great running costs.

Material: Steel
Height: 1360mm
Width: 555mm
Depth: 555mm
Fuel: Wood

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